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Atmospheric Emission License

4 Apr 2014

In March 2012 Zimalco lodged an application with the Department of Environmental Affairs for an Atmospheric Emission License.  Zimalco has been successfully issued with a Provisional Atmospheric Emission License as contemplated in Section 43 of the National Environmental Management: Air Quality Act of 2004 (Act No 39 of 2004) in respect of Listed Activity No 4.4 and 4.21.  This license replaces Zimalco's previous license under the now repealed Air Pollution Prevention Act.

Zimalco continues to ensure that its operations contribute to the sustainability of both the secondary aluminium industry and the environment by ensuring that all requirements of the Department of Environmental Affairs as well as that of our international shareholders are adhered to.

We pride ourselves in the contribution Zimalco continues to make to help reduce emissions in the 31 106km² area declared as the Highveld Priority Area.  This area includes parts of Gauteng and Mpumalanga – a single metropolitan municipality, three district municipalities and nine local municipalities.

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