Zimco Aluminum Company
A division of the Zimco Group (PTY) LTD


About us - Leadership - Ed Vermaak

Ed Vermaak
Managing Director

Ed joined Zimalco in September 2016. An Accountant by profession but Engineer at heart is the best way Ed describes himself. He has extensive experience in the steel, metals manufacturing, engineering, and mining industries.

About us - Leadership - Bob Stone

Bob Stone
Sales and Marketing Director

Bob arrived in South Africa from the UK in 1981and held positions in the copper, brass and aluminium tubing industries before joining Zimalco in 2001.

About us - Leadership - Karen Tarr

Karen Tarr
Financial Director

Karen is a Chartered Accountant (SA) and Certified Director. She joined Zimalco during 2009, prior to which, she held positions in the pharmaceutical, medical aid and explosives manufacturing industries.

About us - Leadership - Gary Munn

Gary Munn
Technical Manager

Gary joined Zimalco in 1998 following a career in the ammunition manufacturing industry. He has been in the non-ferrous melting industry since the early 1990´s.

About us - Leadership - Liz Mabele

Liz Mabele
Human Resources Manager

Liz joined Zimalco in July 2010. She has extensive generalist experience in human resources management. She previously held various positions in the retail, financial services, construction, consulting and manufacturing industries.

About us - Leadership - Manoli Coulentianos

Manoli Coulentianos
Purchasing Manager

Manoli has been with Zimalco for over 30 years. He fulfilled various positions in production melting and materials handling up to his current role as Purchasing Manager.

About us - Leadership - Sonja Louw

Sonja Louw
Operations Manager

Sonja joined the company in 1980 after spending some time in the mining industry. She fulfilled various positions in Zimalco´s Technical and QA departments. She was also the Production Manager for powder and alloy manufacturing. Sonja was appointed as Operations Manager in 2014 and oversees Zimalco’s entire manufacturing facility.